Posting to Drupal Blogs from Linux Desktop

I have finally found 2 basic acceptable ways to post content to a drupal site from a linux desktop using the xmlrpc method. In general the way to perform the config is to choose generic everything, manual setup. Enter the URL to your drupal install + xmlrpc.php, and after activating the blog and blog api modules in drupal, it should work. You may have to configure the acceptable HTML, and you will have to set up your own image sources and links.

The 2 programs I have successfully used are ScribeFire and Gnome Blog Entry Poster. Both were very easy to setup and use. Scribefire gives you a list of tags (not really useful in a free tagging environment, I much prefer drupal's autocomplete), and the gnome interface (I am composing this on the gnome interface) is clean and integrates well into the desktop. Hope it helps, it is nice to use an alternate way to get text into drupal.


I've used gnome but never

I've used gnome but never come across scribefire - been more than happy with gnome for the last few months and like you say it's very easy on the eye and straightforward to use. And let's face it - if people really knew about linux Windows would be history (we can live in hope!) Love your blog Mike

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