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News - Police accused of using provocateurs at summit

Protesters are accusing police of using undercover agents to provoke violent confrontations at the North American leaders' summit in Montebello, Que.

Such accusations have been made before after similar demonstrations but this time the alleged "agents provocateurs" have been caught on camera.

Hadda Been Playing On The Jukebox

The Beats tried hard to change things with their words... they showed us a new way of life in America, a free, fun, crazy way to look at things, a new world view.

The ensuing events with the flower children seems to have minimized and made ridiculous this new way of thinking... it became the druggie's dream, the slacker's soliloquy, the loser's last hope. The PTB capitalized on this break in ourselves to dismiss, redress and be remiss in moving forward.

We lost the way. We stopped valuing intelligence and free thinking, we rewarded buttoned-down suits for their sharp teeth, we knew criminals ran things, and we did nothing. The good people got erased, the bad people grew larger than life, to become untouchable. The mafioso and the government dons joined forces. We watched in disbelief.

Robert Peck honoured by Greek government

Robert Peck

Robert Peck, wearing his award, with parents Robert Sr. and Fleda.

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