dcpumon and dcpumonview

Unreal. A script that is included with every version of cpanel, it is run every 5 minutes on hundreds of thousands if not millions of servers the world over. Yet, somehow, no one knows what it does, why it is there, how to use it, etc. There is NO documentation anywhere. Searching cpanel's own forums yields no hits.

# man dcpumon
No manual entry for dcpumon

Even better: an associated program called dcpumonview is a google whacker! Zero results! How do people work with this kind of thing? Cpanel seems seriously screwy, like it was cobbled and hacked together by a bunch of guys, who never got around to documenting any of it, but are now filthy rich, and won't ever bother writing stuff up.

Anyways, give dcpumonview a try (it is in /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dcpumonview) it basically is a cpu accounting tool that keeps records going way back. Feel free to blow away these records if you are short on disk space :)


It is well documented by

It is well documented by CPanel 11.

Hello worD!!

Hello worD!!

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