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Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 Released

Canonical Launches New Ubuntu Release for Desktops and Servers

London - 26th October 2006 - Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, the world’s fastest growing Linux distribution, today announced its latest desktop and server version. Following months of development and user feedback, Ubuntu 6.10 offers a cleaner, sharper design, together with new and enhanced desktop applications and advances in security. Significantly faster boot up times and the best in leading edge free software technologies make the latest Ubuntu the first choice for many new and existing Linux users.

The fundamental freedoms of Ubuntu allow everyone, from home to enterprise users, to deploy Ubuntu without restriction. Ubuntu 6.10 is freely available and will be maintained for 18 months, with free security updates for all users. For deployments which require additional service guarantees, full telephone and online support on commercial terms is available globally from the professional support team at Canonical Ltd and service partners.

The desktop version introduces a host of new features, an improved interface and a wide variety of new applications and desktop tools making Ubuntu 6.10 flexible and user-friendly. Enhancements include:

  • Tomboy, an easy-to-use and efficient note-taking tool

  • F-Spot, a photo management tool that enables tagging, photo editing and automatic uploading to on-line web management sites such as Flickr

  • GNOME 2.16, which in addition to new features such as enhanced power management, makes the GNOME desktop more secure, faster and more stable

  • Upstart, a replacement start-up manager offering a cleaner design, eye-catching effects and a substantially faster boot time

  • The latest Firefox web browser, which offers inline spell check support in web forms, easy recovery of crashed sessions, built-in phishing detectors, enhanced search engine management with built in OpenSearch support, and better support for previewing and subscribing to web feeds

  • Proactive security features, preventing many common security vulnerabilities even before they are discovered

  • Evolution 2.8.0, which brings new features such as vertical message panes

"With Ubuntu 6.10, we've made improvements across the board, both on the desktop where they're a visible part of the user experience, and in the underlying infrastructure where they improve performance and reliability for servers and desktops. The result is a system which is easier to use, faster, and more robust than ever. A great release in its own right, it will also be a solid base on which to build the next generation of Ubuntu features," said Matt Zimmerman, Ubuntu CTO.

Get your Ubuntu On!


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