I'm not so sure that you are 100% correct. I have discussed this poem with multiple teachers and friends of mine and we have all had different ideas of what the blackbird represents. I initially thought it was death. My friend thought it was God or religion. My English teacher thought it was perspective at first. There have been a multitude of ideas that we have had and we all have had exceptional justification for each. After my teacher studied the poem for longer than any poem he had studied before, he came to a conclusion. He stated that the poem was written in such a way that multiple conclussions could be drawn from it and that the purpose of the poem was to promote and be a catalyst for in depth thought. We talked for a while, and while a portion of me feels that it is just a cop out for finding what the blackbird REALLY represents, it make sense to me. Given that outlook, I really appreciate every word that was used in the poem. Either way, you could be right, but I don't feel that the blackbird represents thought as much as the poem is written to promote thought.


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