Agrajag is a piteous creature that is continually reincarnated and subsequently killed unknowingly by Arthur Dent each time. Agrajag first appears in the series as a falling bowl of petunias (although, if the books are read in sequence, the reader doesn't know it at the time). In another incarnation, he was a prehistoric rabbit who was killed by Arthur for breakfast and whose skin was fashioned into a pouch, which is then used to swat a fly who happened to be Agrajag. In yet another, he dies of a heart attack after seeing Arthur and Ford materialize, seated on a Chesterfield sofa, in the midst of a cricket match at Lord's Cricket Ground.

Eventually, Agrajag becomes aware of his many past incarnations and wishes to take revenge on Arthur Dent. He diverts Arthur's teleportation to the Cathedral of Hate for revenge, but mistakenly does so before the death of one of his incarnations has actually happened, thus making the attempt logically impossible. Agrajag tries to kill Arthur anyway, and once again dies at Arthur's hands, but not before setting off the explosives intended to kill Arthur in a massive rockfall. Because of cause and effect and the laws of time and the universe (not to mention dramatic necessity), Arthur escapes the rockfall and goes on to witness the death of Agrajag that hadn't yet happened when he was diverted to the Cathedral of Hate. In Mostly Harmless Agrajag is shot and killed by Random Frequent Flyer Dent, Arthur's daughter, at the club Beta when she is startled by him. Agrajag believed the shot was aimed at Arthur and Arthur's ducking constituted that Arthur had once again killed Agrajag, in Agrajag's point of view.

In the 2004/2005 BBC Radio series versions of the last three books of Adams' series, Douglas Adams plays Agrajag, having recorded the part for an audiobook version of Life, The Universe and Everything. Producer Dirk Maggs added a suitable voice treatment, and Simon Jones as Arthur Dent recorded his lines opposite the pre-recorded Adams.

Adams was thus able to "reincarnate" to participate in the new series—an irony which his books and the existence of Agrajag himself certainly show that Adams would enjoy.


what kind of story.........

what kind of story.........

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