dcpumon and dcpumonview

Unreal. A script that is included with every version of cpanel, it is run every 5 minutes on hundreds of thousands if not millions of servers the world over. Yet, somehow, no one knows what it does, why it is there, how to use it, etc. There is NO documentation anywhere. Searching cpanel's own forums yields no hits.

# man dcpumon
No manual entry for dcpumon

The Digg.com Comment Effect

[img_assist|nid=175|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=75|height=100]So, I was mentioned high up in a popular digg.com article on linux networking a while back. Since then, this article on WPA in Ubuntu and Debian has garnered over 2500 hits. It seems the digg effect is not just for dugg stories?

UncleFester Books


Since 1985, everybody's favorite Uncle has been writing the books which have defined the field of clandestine chemistry. My books have been described as the pinnacle of 20th century underground writing, and through them I have transformed this genre.

The chemistry of scrapie infection: implications of the ICE-9 metaphor

Prions as analogous to Vonnegut's ICE-9?

The transmissible spongiform encephalopathies pose an increasing problem for animal, and perhaps human, health. The infectious agent seems to lack a nucleic acid component, posing the question of how it can reproduce. A model of reproduction by nucleated polymerization suggests a number of novel approaches to the problem.

MYSQL database dumps through ssh



for i in `/usr/bin/mysql --user=root --password=$PASS --batch --skip-column-names -e "show databases" | sed 's/ /%/g'`;do
nice -n 19 /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root -p$PASS "$i" > /home/backupsql/"$i".sql
gzip /home/backupsql/"$i".sql

Gordon Lightfoot in November


I will be seeing the venerable Gordon Lightfoot in November at P.D.A. I am excited to get a chance to see a singer and songwriter I admire so much.

Prepopulate and Bookmarklets in Drupal

OK, so FINALLY I figured how to get my old blog and link bookmarklets working again in Drupal.

You need to install the prepopulate module first.

Packt's Open Source CMS finalists

The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that has been selected by a panel of judges and visitors to www.PacktPub.com.

JQuery Additions to Site

JQuery is now being used to provide some site features.

One of the first things I added was a floating block tab box, using both the rounded corner plugin and the tab plugin.

The tab box reads the h2.title from the enabled block, and transfers that title to the tab. The usual title of the block is hidden using CSS so it is still readable as a DOM element.


  • Tabs disappear if block is not enabled
  • 3 tabs, more than 1 block allowed in each tab
  • content is hidden until block is fully assembled, then fades in, pushing content aside

DeCSS Truth?

Some common unknown truth about DeCSS

So, you heard about Jon Johansen, the Creator of DeCSS? A brave soul,
which only intent was to help the linux community playing DVDs? And
you know, that the sole reason why he released only a windows version
of DeCSS was that Linux didn't supported DVD (or UDF) at that time?

Franz Kafka as Modernist

An essay on Kafkaesque modernism and the (im)possibility of escape.

In order to understand the complex meanings of Franz Kafka's writing, one must examine many different factors that influenced the thought and action of his life. This essay will explore diverse elements that are part of Kafka's intellectual growth. His family and personal situation will be discussed first; followed by an evaluation of the modernist movement active in Kafka's time; also, a further discussion of modes of escape. The statement that Kafkaesque modernity is a nightmare from which awakening is impossible will be employed as a working hypothesis, and will be further developed. We will now start from the beginning.

Environmental Sociology : The Fundamental Problem with Humankind's Ideologies of Nature

Environmental Sociology

The Fundamental Problem with Humankind's Ideologies of Nature.

An optimistic view of human/environmental processes and interdependencies.

If no organic being excepting man had possessed any mental power, or if his powers had been of a wholly different nature from those of the lower animals, then we should never have been able to convince ourselves that our high faculties had been gradually developed. But it can be shewn that there is no fundamental difference of this kind. We must also admit that there is a much wider interval in mental power between one of the lowest fishes, as a lamprey or lancelet, and one of the higher apes, than between an ape and a man; yet this interval is filled up by numberless gradations. (Darwin, C., p. 445)

Cosmology and Astronomy

  1. Q: What is the role of contraries (opposites) in pre-Socratic cosmology?

A: Early Greek natural scientists had various perplexing questions to grapple with. These included: How did things begin, what are they made of and how did the dispositions of the elements (including the celestial bodies) come to exist as we now perceive them? Three assumptions were made in order to attempt an explanation. These assumptions were: that the world began from a primary unity, that the first things formed from that unity were pairs of opposites and that these opposites interacted in different degrees to form the makeup of all things. Some examples of these opposites and the differing interpretation various philosophers used include Anaximander's indefinite which he says splits into pairs. Anaximenes had air as his elemental stuff, and all formed because of stratification due to differing densities and rarities of the air. Lastly, Heraclitas believed love and strife to be the prime motivators of dissociation in the universe.

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