Sheila Watson's The Double Hook

This essay will discuss the development and meaning of the symbolism and imagery used in Sheila Watson's The Double Hook. Northrup Frye, a well known Canadian critic, states that symbolism "... means any unit of any literary structure that can be isolated for critical attention. A word, a phrase, or an image used with some kind of special reference... ...

Hadda Been Playing On The Jukebox

The Beats tried hard to change things with their words... they showed us a new way of life in America, a free, fun, crazy way to look at things, a new world view.

The ensuing events with the flower children seems to have minimized and made ridiculous this new way of thinking... it became the druggie's dream, the slacker's soliloquy, the loser's last hope. The PTB capitalized on this break in ourselves to dismiss, redress and be remiss in moving forward.

We lost the way. We stopped valuing intelligence and free thinking, we rewarded buttoned-down suits for their sharp teeth, we knew criminals ran things, and we did nothing. The good people got erased, the bad people grew larger than life, to become untouchable. The mafioso and the government dons joined forces. We watched in disbelief.


Web Spiders are mostly harmless, just like in real life, they live in the background of everything, and you are never far from one. As soon as you make a piece of internet real estate by making a post for instance, there are suddenly hundreds of spiders that spin across it, ingest it, and transport the contents back to their parent.

Group Formed to Support Linux as Rival to Windows - New York Times

Linux, the free operating system, has gone from an intriguing experiment to a mainstream technology in corporate data centers, helped by the backing of major technology companies like I.B.M., Intel and Hewlett-Packard, which sponsored industry consortiums to promote its adoption.


Agrajag is a piteous creature that is continually reincarnated and subsequently killed unknowingly by Arthur Dent each time.

Victor Wooten

Just saw Victor Wooten [2] at the Montreal Spectrum.

He was as expected virtuosic and sublime. Very complex and exciting show, with plenty of long involved solos, as well as a touch of humour as we have come to expect from Victor.

We were treated to a rendition of the hallowed Amazing Grace, which was totally mindblowing. This was led into from Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas>Good King Wenceslas.

Victor was joined by 2 of his brothers, Regi and Joseph, and when you learn that Futureman is another of Victor's siblings, one has to wonder at the disproportionate amount of musical genes deposited in this family.

In all a great show, and this is the 4th time I see Victor (3 times with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones [2]).

See some Victor Wooten video here.

Sun Opens Java

Almost unbelievable, but Sun has open-sourced JAVA!

Go see for yourself, hear Stallman say "Sun has now contributed the most to free software of anyone out there".

This is amazing news!

SQIL : Semaine québécoise de l'informatique libre

The annual Semaine québécoise de l'informatique libre (SQIL) is upon us, running from November 11th until the 19th. Let's get out there and spread the word of free software! Cool

Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 Released

Canonical Launches New Ubuntu Release for Desktops and Servers

Robert Peck honoured by Greek government

Robert Peck

Robert Peck, wearing his award, with parents Robert Sr. and Fleda.

Ubuntu Demon(Roald Hopman): Kids say “Thank you (Ed)Ubuntu Team”

Ubuntu Demon(Roald Hopman): Kids say “Thank you (Ed)Ubuntu Team” -

Weve just installed these two donated computers in a community nursury and breakfast/after schol club in Lincolnshire, England.

Drupal Security Update

Drupal 4.7.4 has been released. It fixes these security advisories:

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